The $IQT Buying Guide

IQT Launched Nov. 20, 2023 on Uniswap

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4 min readNov 20, 2023

The IQT token is designed to be at the heart of every transaction within IQ Protocol’s marketplace. The token is a vital tool that powers and secures the platform’s unique rental marketplace.

Quick Hits

Trading Pair: USDT/IQT
Contract: 0x6dDa263994aAB33F5Ed612294E26f2A13DF0dA05
Total Supply: 1 Billion IQT
Circulating Supply: 125 Million IQT

Live Pool: Dextools

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Buying $IQT

To buy the $IQT token from Uniswap on Ethereum, you need to follow these steps:

Before starting, ensure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the transaction fees (gas) in addition to the funds you’re using to purchase the token. You may want to have the wallet plug-in installed to your internet browser — in this tutorial we’ll be using MetaMask.

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Access the Uniswap interface at and connect your Ethereum wallet (like MetaMask) by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button in the top-right corner.

2. Select a Wallet: Choose from the list of supported wallets. If you’re using a wallet which isn’t integrated with Uniswap, you can use WalletConnect to facilitate connection via QR code

3. Confirm Connection: Confirm the connection request in your browser or mobile app.

4. Select the tokens to use for the transaction: On the Uniswap interface, select the cryptocurrency you want to swap from your wallet. The Uniswap pair is USDT/IQT but you can use any tokens. This example uses Ethereum.

5. Ensure you have the $IQT token contract under the ‘Buy’ tab.

The $IQT token contract is: 0x6dDa263994aAB33F5Ed612294E26f2A13DF0dA05

Select ‘IQ Protocol Token’

6. Enter the Amount to Swap: Input the amount of crypto you want to exchange. Uniswap will automatically show you the amount of $IQT tokens which you will receive. This example uses 2 Ethereum tokens.

7. Review and Confirm the Swap: Review the swap details, and if you agree with the rate and the amount, click “Swap,” then “Confirm Swap” in the following window.

You then need to confirm in your wallet. Please note: the total amount confirmed in your wallet will be slightly higher as it includes transaction fees.

8 Transaction Completion: Once the swap has been confirmed on the blockchain, you will see the funds in your wallet​​.

That’s all folks! We hope you enjoy your newly acquired $IQT

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