IQ Protocol Welcomes Solcery

Blockchain gaming is a whole new frontier. While the games typically retain features essential to traditional gaming, they also build upon them, bringing about important improvements and creative changes. Yet, Web3 gaming is still in its infancy. For one thing, many game creators find it difficult to program games in the precise way they desire; for another, gamers aren’t always provided with the rich, all-encompassing experience found in their traditional counterparts. The tide is shifting, however, and there are many decentralized, blockchain projects taking impressive strides, building the future of gaming for everyone.

IQ Protocol is happy to announce that Solcery will be utilizing our platform. Solcery is an innovative blockchain gaming ecosystem, a single-access platform designed for game players and game creators alike. Not only will IQ Protocol provide the basis of their subscription model, but we will also be powering Solcery’s lending and renting of in-game assets (which take the form of NFTs).


Solcery is a decentralized game engine built on the Solana blockchain. Essentially, it allows users to easily — with no prior knowledge of blockchain or coding — create blockchain games that they, and others, can play. Solcery provides all the infrastructure needed to create games, so that users don’t get bogged down in the details of blockchain programming. And since Solcery is decentralized, players and creators are afforded a direct line of communication with one another, allowing for feedback and collaboration. This model provides the basis for a dynamic gaming ecosystem: one that has the potential to evolve in tandem with the wills of the players, creators, and artists that make up the community.

Particularly exciting is the way Solcery allows games to blend into one another. You don’t have to have gamed for very long to have had the experience of imagining how interesting it would be if an item, character, or skill from one game could be played in another. Because all games in Solcery are built on the same universal infrastructure, users can integrate any unique in-game assets (in the form of NFTs) within any other game supported by Solcery.

IQ Protocol + Solcery

IQ Protocol will play a fundamental role for Solcery in more than one way. On the one hand, IQ Protocol will power the subscription model that Solcery will offer its users. Users will have the opportunity to either purchase or rent Solcery tokens. Upon staking these tokens via IQ Protocol, they will function as a game pass providing access to various games on their platform. By holding a pass, players and creators are able to enjoy the variety of games that it makes available to them.

On the other hand, IQ Protocol will also make it possible for Solcery users to have a wider range of freedom with their unique in-game (NFT) assets, allowing them to lend or borrow any object, character, or skill (among other things), that have been ‘forged’ in the Solcery ecosystem. Important to note is the fact that any NFT on Solana can be forged and used as an in-game asset in Solcery; and thus, all of them can benefit from IQ Protocol’s borrowing and lending service and be used in games at the same time.

IQ Protocol’s model for NFT lending and borrowing is essentially risk-free: rather than giving the original NFT to the borrower, IQ Protocol mints an expirable version of the NFT, ensuring that the original NFT is always safe and can be returned to the owner. The lending and borrowing of in-game assets is conditional upon a set time-frame and fee. Lenders get the bonus of accruing interest on their assets, while players are given the option to utilize assets that they otherwise only need for a brief period of time, or would not want to afford. This will not just allow players to accomplish in-game tasks, but it will also create a more lively and dynamic ecosystem for Solcery’s gamers.

It is, no doubt, hard to predict exactly how the world of blockchain will transform the future of gaming. But we at IQ Protocol, are proud to support Solcery in their quest to lead the way into that future!

About Solcery

Solcery is a zero-code on-chain game engine on Solana that gives its users a quick and easy way to create blockchain game experiences, instant access to an ever-growing library of games, and an ability to turn any NFTs they own into unique in-game assets.

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About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol is a decentralized money market for digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions. The next money lego that allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral for their utility, while allowing holders to earn by providing liquidity without risk.

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